Welcome to the World of Kit Fennessy

Author, raconteur, bon vivant, dilettante, recluse, socialite, enigma, cause célèbre, comique, bobo (bourgeois bohemme), Francophile and adjectivist.

Why, hello there “you”.  You’re most welcome – to the inside of my brain!

Thank you for taking the time to visit these pages about my musings. I’d like to make it to you personally, but since you’re online I can’t do that, so I’ve left this message instead.  (“Hi! Thanks!”)

I’ve actually got a new website on the way, but have quickly just posted some new copy in case you saw me on television and wanted to look me up.  A very SPECIAL hello to you if this is the case.  I’m sure we’ll get on like a house on fire.

My writings have been produced for my own entertainment, but also someone else’s… yours!

If you’d like to order a book, please email my publisher at:


Thank you for your kind thoughts.  I hopes all of your wildest dreams come true.

Your friend


What they said:

“This is very good Kit – you should do it professionally.” ~ Shaun Micallef

“Kit’s wonderful turn of phrase leaps off the page. He’s a unique voice in Australian literature.” ~ Tim Ross

“Tell him he should be sent to the Congratulatorium” ~ John Clarke (on ‘Tales of the Dark’)

“Dare I compare thee to Roald Dahl?” ~ Kerrie Window, Dymocks Books Melbourne