Tales of Enlightenment*

Found on bookshelves between John Clarke and David Sedaris, Kit Fennessy’s writing has been compared to Roald Dahl… only with slightly shorter legs and more hair.

This collection provides an emergency hatch from humdrum, everyday life to a realm of laughter, escapism and metaphysics.  Tales of Enlightenment* is another instant classic from the author who broughtyou Tales of the Dark and the Hidden People.

WARNING: This book may open your inner eye and allow the mystic light of wisdom in.

What they said:

It’s been a long time between drinks, but finally Kit is back! Funny tales, moving tales, cute cartoons and more! Enlighten yourselves.

~ Kerrie Window, Dymocks Books Melbourne

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The Hidden People

Welcome to the secret world of Ísland’s Huldufólk

What happens when a researcher from New York visits one of the world’s smallest countries to study their myths?  Gates open  between worlds, people change into animals, Vikings fight trolls, and she gets kidnapped by the ones no ordinary mortal can see – that’s what!

Hillary Maynard-Keynes gets more than she bargained for when she travels to Iceland for her PhD on the Hidden People.  Will her true love, Thor Thorson, escape the clutches of the Huldufólk and return to his former life?  Will she?  And what will happen to the innocent troupe of actors on tour to Reykjavik?  The countdown to Midsummer’s Day is on.

This action packed adventure is a tour de force by Melbourne’s second funniest novelist, Kit Fennessy; delivering the goods in an un-put-downable escape hatch into the world of the Hidden People.

Tales of the Dark

Full of mischief, valour, ribaldry and murder, the Tales of the Dark collection has enthralled everyone who has read it.  These are the Tales that will take you to places unseen during daylight hours.

Packed within this delightful volume you’ll find:

  • Time travel ficiton in “42”
  • Zarkan Coridian – alien school boy (Part I)
  • Sigurd, bane of Thissledor
  • Withering Whites
  • New York’s Brussel Sprouts Murphy
  • Life in a leaf with Cedric Chattrel
  • An Icelandic night in the Dark in a metal igloo


Pomes about a girl called Margarine and a sailor who lost his pussycat (Argh, Again)… and so much more.

This deluxe first edition has become an instant classic.

The Floatation Tank

Every three thousand, two hundred and twenty four years the planets of our solar system fall into alignment with each other.  Every twenty four years Jupiter returns to your birth sign.  In 2006 Mars came closer to Earth that it had been for millenia.

Magnetic poles play off each other in this interplanetary ballet and, when combined with gravity waves of a certain frequency, can alter cosmic destiny.

What do these astrological titbits have to do with this novel? Absolutely nothing.  They may, however, have been the driving forcebehind you picking up this fantastic story of complete strangers caught up in a rollercoaster of politics, intrigue, the media, cults, pyromaniacs and floatation tanks.

Kit Fennessy lives in Melbourne and this is his first novel.  He hopes it doesn’t fall into alignment with Uranus.