Thistledown’s Songs

I promised to provide the translated lyrics to Thor’s songs at the back of ‘the Hidden People’, and since you made all the effort of finding this page, you’ve hit pay dirt!

If you haven’t read ‘the Hidden People’, I hope you read the rest of the book and don’t evaluate its writing exclusively on the lyrics below (with were written by Thistledown anyway); fingers crossed a nuclear bomb doesn’t go off and leave this as my epitaph!

For those of you looking for the sound recording of Thor Thorson singing, well, let’s just say that our lab technicians are currently working on some sound imprints left in a muddy puddle, and we hope to have them up and live on here in the next several weeks… watch this space!


So without further ado, it’s over to you, Thor!  (Sad guitar strums):

One foot in the sea
And one on land
I’ve followed thee
Come take my hand
Sigh no more
Come to my shore

I cannot speak,
I sing instead
Be shy no more
Use heart and head.
Cry no more
Come to my shore…

How can you say
You don’t need love?
Our destiny revealed this day
Written in the stars above
Smile some more
Come to my shore.

Well, you know what they say:
“Teacup handles to the North,
And coffee cups can go clinking!”[

“Top hats at dawn
Pants off by sundown…”

You know what they say: “Keys, and Cheese…”

“When one has nothing to do
It is sometimes easier to do nothing
Than to make a to do.”

“A pinch of pepper in a pot
A teaspoon of salt across the mot
The devil sits within his lair
And you sit in your underwear.”

“If you ARE as sound as a pound
Is change still as good as a holiday?”