The Hidden People

I have just finished reading your book “The Hidden People” (which you gave to Ambassador French when  you were here in Rome) and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  It was so compelling and funny and sometimes scary (heart-stopping, especially re the trolls!!).  I was sorry when I finished it and glad that it had a happy ending.  It was so entertaining and I am sure I will read it again one day.  Well done!
~ Jane Murray
Australian Embassy, Rome
October 2016
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Welcome to the secret world of Ísland’s Huldufólk

What happens when a researcher from New York visits one of the world’s smallest countries to study their myths?  Gates open  between worlds, people change into animals, Vikings fight trolls, and she gets kidnapped by the ones no ordinary mortal can see – that’s what!

Hillary Maynard-Keynes gets more than she bargained for when she travels to Iceland for her PhD on the Hidden People.  Will her true love, Thor Thorson, escape the clutches of the Huldufólk and return to his former life?  Will she?  And what will happen to the innocent troupe of actors on tour to Reykjavik?  The countdown to Midsummer’s Day is on.

This action packed adventure is a tour de force by Australia’s second funniest novelist, Kit Fennessy; delivering the goods in an un-put-downable escape hatch into the world of the Hidden People.
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