"Apparel oft proclaims the man" ~ Hamlet

... but books don't necessarily tell the whole story about a writer.

Not up for a long read, but want a laugh? Find a couple of projects Kit's worked on for the big screen, small screen and radio here, to while away a few minutes.

Kit's Cucina Culinaria

Kit has been writing a food blog for over a decade, and there's hundreds ofrecipes, restaurant reviews of Australia and around the world, and general gourmet articles in these pages for you to fritter away your idle hours on.


This short interstitial comedy series was designed for ABC television (Australia) and produced in conjunction with Johnny Taranto (the Front Bar). Table manners, the history of tableware, and dining etiquette are laid bare in this diverting six part series.


BBC Glastonbury Festival

Kit featured on Radio BBC's Adam and Joe Show during their live broadcast from the Glastonbury Festival. Hear it here!


La Bicyclette

A short film about a man who gets his onions busted by a bike. Tropfest theme: light globe.


Spilt Milk

Animation anyone? Spilt Milk is a film noir comedy caper detective short film launched at the Bass Coast International Film Fesitval.



A serious head case in this one: the story of a son driven mad by his father's top hat...
Tropfest theme: balloon.